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Top 5 places for working in Beeston (with WiFi)

Fellow Beestonians! If, like me, you have no office to call your own, here are my top places to work in South Nottingham suburb and burgeoning hipster hangout, Beeston. Featuring top out-of-office spots for all your freelancing needs, be they good coffee, peace and quiet…


A Room of One’s Own? I’d rather share

I recently joined the members co-working studio, Nottingham Hackspace but I didn’t join to make car parts, electronic knitwear or 3d robots. As a lapsed art student, I still draw, cut paper, make jewellery and the occasional clay model in my spare time. And I love…


Freelancing tips: how to be self-employed and still sane

Ok, so you make your own hours, you take holiday when you want, you could theoretically work in your jim-jams and there’s no boss/staff members to irritate you with their dull weekend chat and weird paranoia about what the Finance team have been…


The last stop in Indonesia

I’m writing this with a stomach happily full of breakfast, staring out across the bright blue bay of Labuan Bajo, on the island of Flores. Flores is just one of around 17000 islands (even they don’t know how many) that make up Indonesia…


A break from travel in Malaysia

I noticed the differences straight away. Buying tickets was easy and efficient. Almost everyone spoke English. There was a whole checklist of very specific dos and don’ts separating Malaysia’s public transport from anywhere else I’ve been. Where was this place? They had the…


Yangon: a peek at old Asia

All the men are wearing skirts. The streets are alive with smoking hotplates and jostling crowds, bus conductors reel off local destinations like auctioneers and commuters rush to board trains that look like they’re from the 1930s. And all the men are wearing…skirts?*…


Travelling slow in Northern Laos

I’ve given myself a bit more time to play with in Laos, as in other countries I’ve felt like I was on some sort of traveller conveyor belt, always moving on to the next town. Good job, too. Getting from place to place in…


China, in which I was saved by humans

When things go wrong in daily life, a good hug will usually fix it. Unfortunately, strangers in foreign lands probably wouldn’t be that pleased by a panicked Brit launching herself at them for the sake of human comfort. No one talks much about the…


Going and coming: Cambodia to Vietnam

The Vietnamese authorities saw fit to let me across the border and I am now in Another Country for the first time since February. This, of course, means leaving behind Cambodia, and all the things that came with it. It’s a sad fact…


Khmer New Year at old Angkor

Bayon temple, Angkor

A few weeks ago I achieved a bit of an ambition at the old city of Angkor in northern Cambodia. It was a place I’d long thought about, even when this whole trip was just a faint wondering in my mind. The fact that we…