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Top 5 places for working in Beeston (with WiFi)

Fellow Beestonians! If, like me, you have no office to call your own, here are my top places to work in South Nottingham suburb and burgeoning hipster hangout, Beeston. Featuring top out-of-office spots for all your freelancing needs, be they good coffee, peace and quiet…


China, in which I was saved by humans

When things go wrong in daily life, a good hug will usually fix it. Unfortunately, strangers in foreign lands probably wouldn’t be that pleased by a panicked Brit launching herself at them for the sake of human comfort. No one talks much about the…


Now that’s what I call Cambodian food: Top 6 hits

Cambodian lunch

I’ve wanted to write a whole post about the Brave New World of food I’ve entered ever since travelling to Cambodia. From chicken feet to the tastiest tofu I’ve ever had, my stomach has seen more experimental action in the last few weeks…