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Top 5 places for working in Beeston (with WiFi)

Fellow Beestonians! If, like me, you have no office to call your own, here are my top places to work in South Nottingham suburb and burgeoning hipster hangout, Beeston. Featuring top out-of-office spots for all your freelancing needs, be they good coffee, peace and quiet…


A Room of One’s Own? I’d rather share

I recently joined the members co-working studio, Nottingham Hackspace but I didn’t join to make car parts, electronic knitwear or 3d robots. As a lapsed art student, I still draw, cut paper, make jewellery and the occasional clay model in my spare time. And I love…


Freelancing tips: how to be self-employed and still sane

Ok, so you make your own hours, you take holiday when you want, you could theoretically work in your jim-jams and there’s no boss/staff members to irritate you with their dull weekend chat and weird paranoia about what the Finance team have been…