Arriving in Cambodia: Winning and losing

Most first weeks in a new country consist of trying – by a mixture of trial, error and guidebooks – to prove that you’re not a stupid tourist, and gradually failing a little less at this every day. Cambodia is no different.

Volunteering Cambodia: Working with Chab Dai

I’m now into my second full week as a Marketing/Communications Volunteer at Chab Dai, a coalition of charities fighting human trafficking in Cambodia. Here’s a little bit more about what the organisation does, and what I’m getting up to, day-to-day.

Now that’s what I call Cambodian food: Top 6 hits

I’ve wanted to write a whole post about the Brave New World of food I’ve entered ever since travelling to Cambodia. From chicken feet to the tastiest tofu I’ve ever had, my stomach has seen more experimental action in the last few weeks than it ever saw coming.

Khmer New Year at old Angkor

A few weeks ago I achieved a bit of an ambition at the old city of Angkor in northern Cambodia. The fact that we were in Siem Reap during one of Cambodia’s biggest festivals, Khmer New Year, made it that bit more exciting (and that bit more wet, as it turned out).

Going and coming: Cambodia to Vietnam

The Vietnamese authorities saw fit to let me across the border and I am now in Another Country for the first time since February. This, of course, means leaving behind Cambodia, and all the things that came with it.